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June 16, 2023

The Brigth World Of Metals

After five exciting days, GIFA 2023 has come to an end and we would like to say thank you to all visitors, partners and friends.

The intensive exchange with the international professional audience and the most important players in the industry offered us the best opportunities in a challenging and trend-setting market environment.

For our international partners, we also held a compact information event followed by a plant tour. Here, we were able to provide direct information on all product innovations and advances in energy and resource efficiency and answer all questions.

And already a must, the VULKAN boat trip on the Rhine. With good food, good music and best weather the perfect end for our guests after a busy day.

And so we look forward to seeing you again in the year 2027!


Comforter bear "Tommy"

he little comforter bear "Tommy" comforts little patients on their way to the hospital by ambulance.

We are pleased that "Tommy" is well received and support the smallest thus in this way very happy.


32. Pulversymposium Dresden

We were present this year again, when the entire value chain of powder coating application discussed the current challenges and opportunities of modern powder coating.

We are grateful to all business partners and participants for their visit and the good discussions and are looking forward to see you again.


20-year partnership

During this years exhibition Ankiros in Türkiye, VULKAN INOX GmbH and the FETAS Group celebrated 20 years of partnership.

On this occasion, we presented a sculpture highlighting the joint work to FETAS and received a commemorative panel made of high-quality ceramics.

We would like to say thank you to everyone who celebrated with us and look forward for many more years together.


Children safe in road traffic

We know it from primary school. In grade 3 or 4, we had to prove our roadworthiness on a bicycle in the so-called bicycle test. This was often done in a practical sense. Now there is also theoretical support in this area. The K&L publishing house, in cooperation with the Kreisverkehrswacht Ennepe-Ruhr e.V. and various companies from the region, has published a bicycle training book.

We can proudly say that we support the cycling education of the youngest. Because road safety is important and an investment in the future.


Latest developments in the field of blast abrasives

On 15 and 16 September, we hosted the 8th network meeting in Hattingen. The Competence Network Abrasives was founded to combine the knowledge of industry and research. At the network meetings, topics related to mechanical surface preparation are presented and discussed.

A visit to the Henrichshütte Industrial Museum and a nice evening event framed the valuable exchange of information.

Many thanks to Mrs Charlotte Graner and Christiane Boinski from the Institute for Corrosion Protection in Dresden for the successful organisation.


Investment in adiabatic cooling system

At the heart of our production are two high-performance induction melting furnaces which melt down mainly recycled scrap. To dissipate the process heat, there is a water circuit which was previously routed via a cooling system with open water sprinklers.

By investing in a closed cooling system, on the one hand evaporation losses are avoided and fresh water consumption is reduced by at least 80%, on the other hand it requires less maintenance and energy and the use of biochemical inhibitors is no longer necessary.

The environment is also a big winner. The saving in greenhouse gas emissions is estimated at 93 tons per year.


On the way to climate neutrality

Since 01 January 2022, VULKAN INOX has been covering its electrical energy demand from 100% renewable generation. This means that the company is already reducing its CO₂ emissions by more than 80% and is making considerable progress in decarbonizing its production and meeting the European CO₂ reduction targets.


Cooperation - Live and on site

At the WAGNER / DÖRKEN workshop "Corrosion protection by zinc flake coating", the latest developments, current findings and trends, as well as solutions for current coating topics were presented and discussed.

Mechanical surface preparation by blasting provides the right "foundation" in the process chain and our technical expert provided detailed information on this topic.



VULKAN INOX has been successfully active in Italy for more than 30 years and, with the realignment, is integrating the proven structure into its existing sales organization.