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You would like to sample your workpieces?
Please contact us to discuss your requirements and wishes in advance. We will then define the sampling concept and schedule your personal visit. If a test visit on your part is not possible, simply send us the workpieces. We will then take care of everything important.



Hanger Spinner Wheel-Blast Machine

For single components, small and medium quantities. Simulation of a throughput operation by linear transport possible.

  • Workpiece diameter: max. 1000 mm
  • Workpiece height: max. 1200 mm
  • Length for linear transport: max. 800 mm
  • Workpiece weight: max. 150 kg

  • All grain classes
Very flexible blasting system in terms of part geometry, weight and size

Tumble Belt Wheel-Blast Machine

For non-sensitive and tumblerable blasting material in larger quantities.

  • Up to grain class 60
Very uniform blasting of bulk material due to best circulation

Compressed air blasting machine with pressure pot

Manual blasting by hand or optional blasting with rotary basket.

  • Up to grain class 100
Targeted and effective blasting of higher complexity geometries