The whistleblower system serves to identify legal and regulatory violations, to evaluate the situation and to eliminate the deficiency. This is because violations of laws or the VULKAN INOX Code of Conduct can harm the company or disadvantage individuals.

It applies to all employees, customers, suppliers and all those who have an interest in the well-being of the company.

We encourage anyone who has knowledge or reasonable suspicion of material misconduct or wrongdoing (violation of law or unethical behavior) to make a report.

It is possible to report violations in the anonymous whistleblower SpeakUp, both online and via voice message.

Violations can be, for example:

  • Corruption, antitrust and money laundering offenses.
  • Theft, embezzlement and enrichment offenses.
  • Violations of physical and psychological integrity.
  • Cases of sexual harassment, discrimination, racism
  • Criminal violations of data protection
  • Accounting and bookkeeping violations with a significant impact that are externally identifiable
  • Violations related to technical specifications and/ or technical security
  • Violations of human rights (e.g., violation of the principles of the UN Global Compact)
  • Violations related to environmental regulations and/or non-compliance with product-related environmental regulations
  • Export control violations, violation of sanctions.



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