Good Corporate Governance

Part of our success

For more than three decades, VULKAN has stood for business values and principles.

The actions of the management of our company as well as our employees are determined by the principles of personal responsibility, honesty, loyalty and respect for fellow human beings and the environment. The management has a special responsibility for the compliance with these principles.

Firmly anchored

Together with the employees, the management strives for entrepreneurial success. In accordance with our medium-sized principles, we want to generate a return from our economic activities that is sustainable and in line with our entrepreneurial capabilities.

We want to maintain the strengths and competitive advantages we have built up over the years and measure our standards of quality and performance against the best possible at all times. On the way to a successful future for our company, we rely on:

  • a responsible and exemplary management,
  • the skills, energy and commitment of our employees,
  • reliable social and political conditions,
  • the possibilities of scientific and technical progress,
  • mutual respect and transparency,
  • safety in the workplace,
  • the protection of personal data,
  • protection of the environment and resources.


Lawful conduct and ethical behavior are an integral part of our business activities and an indispensable prerequisite for securing our corporate success in the long term.

The Code of Conduct drawn up is intended to encourage and support all members of our company to act responsibly, on their own responsibility and in compliance with the law. The rules of conduct cannot reflect every possible situation in everyday professional life, but they nevertheless represent a binding guideline and orientation framework for all of us.

Our corporate culture, which is characterized by openness and fairness, obliges each and every employee to deal with the requirements that are relevant to them.

Report grievances

We encourage anyone who has knowledge or reasonable suspicion of significant misconduct or wrongdoing (breach of law or unethical behavior) to make a report.

The "SpeakUp" whistleblower system provides a protected, secure, independent and anonymous reporting channel to draw attention to misconduct and breaches of rules, thus ensuring the sustainable success of the Group and averting damage.