Process Monitoring

Efficient Blasting.

Increased productivity and cost savings are of utmost importance to our customers.
Their economic success is measured by these points.

Select blasting abrasives with high durability and high performance are a pre-condition for cost effective blasting processes. Like valuable tools, they substantially influence the blasting process’ total operating costs.
On the other hand, total operating costs normally are greater than the upfront procurement cost of the blasting technology many times over and are listed below:

  • Labor
  • Energy usage
  • Depreciation
  • Maintenance
  • Replacement and wear parts
  • Blast media consumption and disposal

Therefore, blasting processes and blast media can quickly become costly, if your operation and your use are improper and inefficient.

This is where we provide our customers with assistance.

We offer our customers a unique presence through a package of sales and service activities.
As the experienced process guide, we close the gap on-site between blast media and blast equipment.
In this way and together with our customers, we reach a properly adjusted and efficient blasting process.

Test Center

The best blast process adjustment is naturally achieved during the set-up of a new process. A pre-condition for this is the complete consideration to objective, blasting equipment/type and blast media.

The desired surface quality and the required blast media should initially be emphasized. Thereafter,
the blast equipment type and execution can be determined. With existing processes, changes may also be necessary, or be of economic benefit. But carrying that out in an operating production? That doesn’t need to happen!

Customers and interested parties are able to carry out tests and sampling in our test center.
The ‘machine park” consists of:

  • Spinner hanger blast machine
  • Barrel blast machine
  • Air blast cabinet
  • Wet blast system

Equipment operation and documentation is handled by our Team. Resulting knowledge will certainly help you reach your decision.