Products for Surfaces

Each day people come into contact with numerous surfaces. Therefore, perfect surfaces are impossible to miss.  They influence the functionality, durability and aesthetics of many products.  And the demands on surfaces will continue to increase.
Therefore, companies from more than 60 countries rely on the high product quality of VULKAN INOX.  
Our abrasives carry out their daily work precisely and reliably and provide for an uninterrupted production process.  

The overview gives you a good introduction to the individual product types.  In addition, you will find numerous application possibilities under the applications heading.  You may also simply call us, if you have questions regarding your specific application.  You will receive quick and uncomplicated assistance.  

Demands on Quality and Development

Our production processes are carefully coordinated with one another and are continuously monitored.  
We manufacture exclusively environmental and energy management program according to EN ISO 14001 and EN ISO 50001. at our Hattingen, Germany headquarters location and due to our tightly specified raw material selection,
we are able to guaranty consistent product quality. All processes which define the company’s performance are integrated into a quality management system according to EN ISO 9001. We fulfill our responsibilities to the environment and natural resources with an environmental and energy management according to EN ISO 14001 and EN ISO 50001.

Thirty years of technical application experience is an excellent knowledge basis for the tasks of the present.
At the same time, we continually develop solutions for surface technology of the future.
VULKAN INOX developed the first angular stainless steel blast media, brought it to be application ready and established in the market. VULKAN INOX holds blast media and application patents. Thereby, we open up new markets and continually diversify our customer base.