GRITTAL GH is used in all applications where ferrous residue is a disadvantage or undesired. Heat-treated under an inert gas, GRITTAL GH also retains its angular shape in an operating mix. For all users that prefer the sharpest possible surface profile with a high peak count, this one-of-a-kind blast media offers the best results in regards to quality, coverage performance and efficiency.

By switching to GRITTAL GH, users of aluminum oxide, garnet or slag are able to reduce their consumption and waste by a factor of 30 - 100. Dust development during blasting is correspondingly reduced by a large amount. Surface cleanliness, as well as the entire work conditions are clearly improved.   

Its exceptional durability and high blasting performance make it possible for users to achieve a simple and cost effective blasting process. Blasting results are always stabile, which for example is shown by constant roughness values and a homogenous appearance of the blasted surface.
Primary application sectors are:

  • Wear resistance coating (PTFE, ceramic)
  • Corrosion protection application (powder coating/paint)
  • Metalizing
  • Rubber-metal bonding
  • Adhesion
  • Descaling

Areas of Application GRITTAL GH

In spite of its strong performance, GRITTAL GH is very equipment friendly when compared to mineral blasting media and thereby reduces overall production costs. In addition, GRITTAL GH opens up the possibility for users to use the centrifugal wheel blast technology. When compared to air blasting, this process option offers clear production advantages if the parts to be blasted can be simply arranged and present good exposure to the blast media.

Technical Data

Chemical Composition: C 1,9 - 2,1%, Cr 30,0 - 33,0%
Apparant density: ~ 4,1 g/cm3
Hardness: ~ 800 HV ~ (64 HRC),
Microstructure: Martensitic with Chromium Carbides


Available Grain sizes

GH 10 0,05 - 0,20 GH 60 0,70 - 1,25
GH 20 0,09 - 0,32 GH 100 1,00 - 1,40
GH 30 0,14 - 0,50 GH 150 1,25 - 1,70
GH 40 0,40 - 0,80 GH 200 1,40 - 2,00
GH 50 0,60 - 1,00 GH 300 1,70 - 3,00

Special screenings available upon request. Contact us.

Packing Options

25 kg plastic bag, 500kg per EUR Pallet
500 kg big bag
750 kg metal drum